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Investor Principles

Investor Principles

There seems to be this incredible myth that creating wealth through investments in stocks and bonds is an extremely difficult task.

There are three basic principles an investor should heed.

  1. Own Equities
  2. Diversify
  3. Rebalance

Owning Equities has been one of the greatest wealth creators. Understanding this, we provide the coaching process to stay the course during volatile times.  Unfortunately, the average investor lets their emotions take over when markets are volatile–selling their equities when prices are low and buying back in when prices are high. (Matson, Mark. Main street Money. Ohio: McGriff Video Productions, LLC, 2013).

Diversify* your portfolio with a proven scientific method. Buying a large amount of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds doesn’t necessarily mean you are diversified. There is a method to the madness.

Rebalance your portfolio on a regular basis to keep the science of your diversification in good order. Rebalancing is selling what is high and buying what is low, offering opportunity for future growth.

This seems incredibly simple, almost too good to be true. However, this process can be difficult and challenging. Hiring a coach will help you follow through on these very simple principles.

* Diversification does not assure or guarantee better performance and cannot eliminate the risk of investment loss.

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